UFO are common now

Arguments about UFOs authentication based on the words of Bob Lazar - a scientist who for many years has been studying the mysterious "Area 51" - a military base in Las Vegas, where, presumably, has repeatedly landed alien craft. Lazar claims that UFOs do not always move horizontally, but at an angle, and images around them manifest a certain distortion of space, which is the result of Alien Invasion.



Besides, urologists noted that on the roof of the aircraft has a waveguide, required to coordinate the UFO in the space. UFO Beggared happens when that information about UFO sightings are coming in such numbers as it was during the Belgian UFO wave in 1889. Not only that, on the observation of UFO reported by thousands of witnesses, the object is moving with extraordinary speed, it has been fixed radar station and to intercept it in the air was raised by F-16 fighters. It began August 29, 1889 - then came the first evidence emanating from one of the Belgian villages. Observers have noticed in the sky a massive triangular ship with lights burning at the corners of an object in the center. Not able to understand what they see, people thought the object or experimental aircraft, a strange optical illusion.